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Dr Guy Devin
PhD Nutritional Science
Certified Nutritionist
Certified Quantum Biodynamic Practitioner
Certified Integrative Health Coach
AADP- American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Certified in Color Therapy, Sound Therapy, and Clinical Microscopy

Dr. Guy Devin has an eclectic background, bridging the worlds of business, health, science and holistic living. Currently owns a consulting company which works in the Natural Products Industry. Handling the Sales, Education, Marketing, and brokering of Premium Supplements.


Most recently, Dr. Devin was the spokesperson and chief science educator for several herbal and supplement companies where he traveled the country extensively as a guest speaker, public lecturer, and in-store staff trainer.  In addition, he has done numerous radio and TV interviews.  While at Source Naturals he was featured in an industry DVD on Metabolic Inflammation. Dr. Devin continues as a frequent contributing writer to various industry trade journals such as Vitamin Retailer Magazine and Natural Food Merchandiser. His new book is due out in April and is titled "Informational Healing" The next frontier in healing" which explores Healing beyond just the physical body.


Dr. Devin holds a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences, specializing in Nutrition, Herbology and Clinical Nutritional Microscopy and Medical Intuitive readings. During his internship with the Enzyme Research Institute, Dr. Devin conducted research on more than 900 different natural supplements and their effect in the body using high-tech blood microscopy techniques. His work included in-depth study on probiotics and the use of therapeutic enzymes.


Dr. Devin has spent the past 30 years exploring the leading edge of consciousness, health and holistic living. He founded Conscious Light Botanicals, an award-winning herbal botanical store in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he concentrated on education concerning herbal formulas, color therapy, essential oils and energy work modalities.


Using his skills in business, sales, marketing and education he has developed many major premium supplement brands while sharing his knowledge concerning Core Nutrition, Alternative Therapies, and Energy Healing.


Dr. Devin has a life long passion for inspiring and empowering people to reach for a higher state of well being through teaching, education and personal consultations.


“The nature of your well being is Spiritually and Vibrationally induced,

Electrically and Chemically driven and Biologically carried out.” ~ Dr Guy Devin


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